About Us

NRI Invest is an independent investment advisory consultancy dedicated to providing NRI’s across the globe with advice on their international investment portfolio.

NRI Invest was established in 2016 by the founder of QROPS Adviser Group, a company which specialises in advising returning Indians on how to transfer their UK pensions to Indian QROPS schemes.

What we saw is that after advising these clients on transferring their UK pensions to India, we were frequently asked to advise them on their other investment needs, such as real estate and international equity funds.   As a result, we were able to provide ongoing investment advice to clients from a wide variety of backgrounds such as in banking, the medical profession, engineers, who were working in jurisdictions such as UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and of course, in India.

We then made a strategic decision to expand our services not only to clients whom we had advised their UK pension transfer, but to other members of the NRI and resident Indian community – and NRI Invest was born.

Our Services

The services we are able to offer clients are as follows:

UK Pension Transfers

We continue to offer specialist advice for UK pension transfers. As we have previously noted, the UK government announced some wide ranging changes to the UK pension transfer regime, and thus the need for specialist advice now is greater than ever. For more information about QROPS pension transfers to India, please click here.

UK and European Real Estate Investments

Through our sister company, Select Invest, we offer a specialised real estate advisory service to NRI clients.  Select Invest conducts thorough due diligence on all prospective real estate investments, and only offer our clients the ‘best in breed’ opportunities, to ensure a successful investment for our clients.   For more information about international real estate opportunities, please click here.

International Investment Opportunities

The key to a successful long term investment strategy is a diversified investment portfolio, and exposure to world class international investments is a key part to achieving that diversification.

We are completely independent, and we can therefore advise clients on the whole of the market, covering literally thousands of international investment funds, including capital protected investments and structured products.

These investment opportunities can be made either through a QROPS pension account a specialist offshore investment account, or directly through a normal brokerage account set up in India.

Specialist NRI Tax advice

Whilst we are not qualified to offer NRI tax advice ourselves, we work with qualified India tax advisers who can ensure that the correct documentation is filed with the Indian tax authorities.

Services for Financial Planners and Wealth Managers in India

We work very closely with local financial planners and wealth managers in India to help provide their clients with access to international investment products.   We are of course very sensitive to the fact that the relationship between the professional adviser and their client is often very close, and if preferred, all contact can be carried out through the local adviser as appropriate.

Get in touch

For more information, please contact us at info@nri-invest.in.